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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Vaccines Market Global Research Report 2017 Analysis and Forecast to 2027

Source: News Maker

Vaccines empower the human immune system to protect against infection or disease. Vaccines against HIV are being developed, and tested in phases of clinical trials. At present, none of the HIV vaccines are commercially available.


More than 30 HIV candidate vaccines have been tried in roughly 60 Phase I/II trials, involving more than 10,000 healthy volunteers. A large portion of these trials have been conducted in the United States & Europe, and a few in developing countries such as Brazil, Peru, China, and Thailand. The outcomes have affirmed the safety of the vaccines, and have given important scientific information to create fresher eras of candidate vaccines with better capacity to induce anti-HIV specific immune responses.


This research report provides in-depth information about the various market segments. It shall also provide qualitative information about the current and upcoming trends in HIV vaccines market, globally.


North America contributed more than 44% of the total market size in 2017. Emerging markets such as China and India are expected to generate significant demand for HIV vaccines during the period, 2017-2027. As per the MRFR analysis, the global HIV vaccines market is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2027. The market in Europe is estimated to be around $ 437 million in 2017 and is anticipated to reach $ 757 million by 2027. Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a moderate pace during the forecast period. More






Market study on expected growth for HIV-AIDS Testing Market by 2020 – Says PMR

Source: MedGadget

HIV-AIDS has no cure but there are treatments which help to reduce AIDS deaths. HIV-AIDS can be treated by nucleoside/ nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor, integrase inhibitor, HIV-1 protease inhibitor, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, pharmacokinetic enhancer and entry inhibitor. Some of the drugs for HIV -AIDS treatment include atripla, epzicom, prezista, truvada, kaletra, isentress, reyataz and viread. HIV testing and diagnostics include early detection, treatment swatching, On the basis of diagnosis HIV-AIDS market can be classified into HIV antibody assay, western blot, antigen-antibody immunoassay, HIV home-testing kit, rapid HIV antibody test, polymerase chain reaction test and HIV p24 antigen test.


Europe, followed by North America, has the largest market for HIV-AIDS testing due to affordability and accessibility of expensive tests for HIV-AIDS and innovations in drug therapies in this region. Asia is expected to show high growth rate in the HIV-AIDS testing market in next few years due to increasing number of HIV-AIDS population and increasing research activities for developing HIV drugs and vaccines in the region.


Growing demographics and economies in the developing countries such as India and China is expected to lead the growth in HIV-AIDS testing market in Asia. In addition, rise in awareness about HIV-AIDS treatment and innovations in technologies related to HIV-AIDS testing are expected to offer new opportunity to global HIV-AIDS testing market. Companies involved in new product launch is one the recent trends have been observed in global HIV-AIDS testing market. More






Cure For HIV, AIDS Coming Soon? Bill Gates Invests $140M In Company Creating Infection-Prevention Implant

Source: ibtimes

As the world celebrates a brand new year and a bevy of medical breakthroughs in 2016, the international scientific community could be one step closer toward discovering a cure for HIV and AIDs — in part thanks to billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.


The Microsoft founder has been steadily backing medical research for years with his and his wife’s Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a global organization supporting worldwide activism and access to healthcare and education. Gates' latest investment in a biopharmaceutical tech company based in Boston could yield one of the largest revelations in HIV research yet — with a single, tiny drug pump that can be implanted underneath the skin.

Gates reportedly invested $140 million in Intarcia Therapeutics, the company behind the pump initially devised to continuously deliver medicine throughout the body for patients with type-two diabetes. The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. Researchers believe the drug pump could be similarly used to prevent HIV infections in healthy patients by administering continuous dosages of preventative medicine like PrEP, a daily drug critical in preventing HIV in sexually-active adults.


"There’s a vital need for an HIV/AIDS intervention that allows those at risk to incorporate prevention more easily into their daily lives," Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, told Quartz. More


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