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The First Lady of Malawi and Vice President of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA), Gertrude Mutharika told Chinese high school students about the impact of the AIDS epidemic on African women and children. The First Lady spoke at an event in Beijing, China on 31 October celebrating the participation of the Affiliated High School of Beijing University in an ongoing campaign called the China-Africa Hand in Hand: Chinese Youth’s Campaign for the Social Benefit of Africa.


Representatives from UNAIDS, the China-Africa Business Council  (CABC), the China-Africa Development Fund, volunteer groups and student representatives from several high schools in Bejing participated in the event.

The CABC and partners have established the Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund which has raised $US 200 000 for HIV programmes in eight African countries. High schools participating in the youth campaign are helping to collect donations for the Fund. The campaign is also encouraging young people to join hands with their counterparts in Malawi and other African countries to build a brighter future together.

With the support of UNAIDS, OAFLA, CABC and other partners are using the donations to provide antiretroviral medicine to pregnant women living with HIV and ensure their babies are born HIV-free.


“OAFLA’s vision is of ‘An Africa free from HIV and AIDS, maternal and child mortality, where women and children are empowered to enjoy equal opportunities.  OAFLA believes that teenagers are the future of the China – Africa relations and looks forward to more engagement with Chinese teenagers to the development and public welfare of Africa.”

Gertrude Mutharika, First Lady of Malawi and Vice President of the Organization of African First

Ladies Against HIV/AIDS 


"The Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund is striving to promote the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission and to contribute to achieving an AIDS-free generation. Through our campaign students in China start to know better this beautiful continent, meanwhile they also learn how to protect themselves from HIV and to join the global efforts to fight against it." 

Eric (Xiaoyong) Wang, Secretary General of China-Africa Business Council


  “Working in UNAIDS, I am very convinced that with more young people joining the movement, we can end the AIDS epidemic. We can reach our goal of creating an AIDS free generation. This was called for by the First Ladies of China and Africa at the Johannesburg Summit in December 2015. I know it is achievable. “ 

Catherine Sozi, UNAIDS Country Director, China

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