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UNAIDS and Cosponsors Official Websites
Home Page AIDS China
   World Bank
Related International Websites
UNAIDS HQ China page
Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV and AIDS  http:// www.aplfaids.com
WHO Initiative on HIV/AIDS and STIs
Francois-Xavier Bagnoud
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
British AIDS Education & Research Trust
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at UCSF, USA
The Communication Initiative
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme
UNDP HIV/AIDS Portal for Asia Pacific  http://www.youandaids.org
AIDS.ORG  http://www.aids.org
International HIV/AIDS Alliance  http://www.aidsalliance.org
World Aids Campaign  http://www.worldaidscampaign.org
The Body – HIV/AIDS Resource


 Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS (UN Women)  http://www.genderandaids.org/
Related Chinese Websites
China HIV/AIDS Information Network(CHAIN)
Chinese Association of STD&AIDS Prevention and Control http://www.aids.org.cn
Hong Kong Red Ribbon Center
Hong Kong AIDS Foundation
Shenzhen Newhealth website
National Center for AIDS/STD Prevention and Control
China AIDS Information
Ditan Hospital – Home of Red Ribbon  http://www.aidsonline.com.cn
Beijing Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control  http://www.aids.org.cn
Chi Heng Foundation  http://www.chihengfoundation.com
China Aids Initiative  http://www.chinaaidsinitiative.org
China-UK HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project  http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/docsn/shxx/site/xsjl/1.htm
Marie Stopes China  http://www.youandme.net.cn
Barry and Martin's Trust  http://www.hivworkshop.com/chinese
The Global Fund China  http://www.chinaglobalfund.org
Aizhixing Institute of Health Education  http://www.aizhi.org
What Works for Women and Girls: Evidence for HIV/AIDS Interventions


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